Jennifer Silvius

In my opinion, a good sommelier is someone who can listen to the guest’s wishes and translate that into a perfect match from the wine list or from the wines offered by the glass. A willingness to serve and honesty are therefore important qualities for me.

Our wine list is anything but standard. We may not offer many of the big names, but we have a selection of exceptional wines close to our hearts, specially hand-picked for our restaurant.

Ralph Hermans

Every dish you taste at Rantrée is a remarkable piece of teamwork because there’s no great chef without a team! It is the team that gives me the opportunity to grow.

My cooking style is a perfect reflection of my personality. I’m classically trained but over the years my dishes have come to reflect my own experiences. Each dish develops from an idea and materialises into a pure, flavourful and sophisticated culinary experience. Our mission is only accomplished when you leave our restaurant with a smile on our face.